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Our goal is to provide the most recent information on policies and technologies aimed at reducing drugged driving in the United States. This website tracks research and legislative activity to strengthen DUID laws in all 50 states. And throughout these pages, you will discover what police, politicians, prosecutors, and others are doing to confront this growing epidemic.


the science of saving lives

DUID: /noun/ driving under the influence of drugs, since its inception in 2010, has been a premier resource for the coalition to combat drugged driving. Much of this information has been available for many years, but here it has been assembled for the first time in a simple state-by-state format to aid legislators, staff, and the general public in their understanding of the dangers presented by drugged driving.
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The statistics are alarming. Drugged driving and its effect on the community is felt socially and economically. While drunk driving has decreased over the last several decades thanks to public education and policy shifts, drugged driving has gone largely unaddressed.
Impaired Traffic Injuries (IBH)
Billions $ Est. Finanical Impact (NHTSA)
Impaired Fatalities Annually (NHTSA)
Min Before Another Death (NHTSA)


MADD Fight Impaired Driving
NHTSA Stop Impaired Driving
We Save Lives Voice For Highway Safety
Stop Drugged Driving The Drugged Driving Problem
Institute for Behavior & Health Reduce Drug-Impaired Driving
Office of National Drug Control Policy Prevent Drugged Driving
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Oral Fluid This map shows states that allow oral fluid collection. Click to see our state-by-state information.

Per Se States These states have a per se DUID standard. Click to see our state-by-state information.


Did the Media Promote Stoned Driving?

Washington Post boasts, “Stoned drivers are a lot safer than drunk ones, new federal data show.” Such inferences encourage the public to believe that marijuana does not impair driving, making it more difficult to deal with a growing problem: Driving Under the Influence of Drugs.   
Spencer driver accused of hitting Worcester building while high on heroin

A Spencer man is accused of being under the influence of drugs when he crashed his pickup truck in a commercial building near Washington Square. Authorities said they discovered heroin in his pocket after the accident.   
Massachusetts man charged with drugged driving

State police responded to calls of an erratic driver on the highway. Upon stopping the driver, they discovered he was driving while impaired by drugs. Police also found a small amount of marijuana in his vehicle.